Gold Kinebar will probably be crazy to invest


Golden cinnabar is simply a gold bar that contains a hologram that proves its authenticity. The Union Bank of Switzerland introduced such a gold bar in 1993 with a hologram on the underside of the bar to confirm its authenticity. Now KB Financial Group, a European group of companies based in Munich, is launching its own investment grade 999.9 gold cinnabar, each bearing its own unique serial number and the all-important hologram that guarantees its quality.
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Weight matters

In order for gold cinnabar to be attractive and appealing to mass investors, a new weight had to be introduced. The recognized weight of gold is measured in troy ounces, which were derived from a monetary system designed by the Romans who used bronze bars of varying weights as their currency, and the price of gold is generally measured by the troy ounce. Three ounces is equivalent to 31.1034768 grams, so if an ounce of gold is $1400, then one gram of 999.9 pure gold would be worth $45.01.
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This is exactly what KB Edelmetall did. They produced a 1 gram cinnabar of 24K 999.9 percent gold, each with its own serial number and hologram guaranteeing its authenticity to the international financial community. They have also produced a ½ gram gold bar and will soon introduce a ½ gram gold bar.
KB Edelmetall

KB has been operating in conventional financial services for the past sixteen years and during that time has established itself as a promoter of investment plans for the purchase of gold. As a direct result of acquiring for cash two mining operations based in Turkey, a refinery, a mint, an international distribution operation and also coordinates vault storage in Switzerland which allows KB to always guarantee its customers that their gold cinnabars are 24K 999.9 percent quality. KB has developed its business model in such a way as to offer a superior investment product to the masses. It is worth mentioning that there are 95 top refineries in the world, of which 89 are owned by the government and 6 are privately owned. KB is one of those 6 in the world.
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Investment opportunities

The company offers a savings account that can be managed in euros, US dollars and sterling. Lump-sum investments can be made or a savings plan can be set up with a monthly minimum. Golden cinnabars are stored free of charge in the St Gotthard massif in Switzerland. If cash is needed, KB will buy as many gold cinnabars as the investor wants to realize the money transfer two to three days after the sale notification. The best prices are guaranteed as there is no middleman involved as is the case with most gold bullion buying schemes.
Business opportunity

The company decided to market its gold cinnabar investment program using a personal referral approach. An investor can become an agent and market his gold bars and get a commission. Alternatively, an individual can sign up as an agent and make a business out of it. The commission structure is designed to reward those who really want to make this a serious business. There is a great opportunity to develop a passive income business because there is no limit to how deep the structure can go. Websites are provided and there are no membership fees or monthly fees. The group leader will help you market this service.
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We live in turbulent financial times. Hardly a week goes by without some major turmoil happening that inevitably affects world currencies and the value of real assets such as gold and in turn gold cinnabar. The recent instability in the global financial market has strengthened KB’s position by validating personal gold savings plans as mandatory for all. Many investment advisors recommend that their clients put 10 to 20 percent of their assets in gold and keep it going. KB gold cinnabar looks set for a bright future when it launches in the very near future and might just become an investment craze.
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