The future of digital currency

Coin refers to the electronic currency stored electronically in banks and creates one of the three forms of electronic currency. Paper money is still used worldwide, but 80% of the world’s currency is electronically stored through banks. Since childhood it has grown from an alternative to business management to an early form of e-commerce and seems to be only growing.


The first digital currency was created in the early 2000s when the first Internet bubbles were created. It was renamed e-gold and was founded in 1999 by Gold & Sliver Reserve Inc., which allowed users to electronically transfer small amounts of low value. In the spring of 2000, it became the first electronic currency to provide an exchange service provider for other currencies.

Launched two years ago, PayPal had more than one million accounts in 2004. Another service, Liberty Reserve, launched in 200, allows its clients to convert Euros or dollars into Liberty Reserve money and then return. Unfortunately after the publication by the US government that criminals are using these websites and they have both been shut down.

The difference between virtual, digital and cryptocurrencies

More and more banks are allowing electronic banking growth, but virtual currencies act as separate money whose value has been created by its original backers. However, the world-famous virtual currency, Bitcoin, does not fit this specification, instead incorporating three electronic currency aspects.

The value of a digital currency differs from that of a real-world equivalent as backed up by an asset. Since most of the world’s money is deposited in bank computers, it can be said that most of the world’s currencies are now digital.

Cryptocurrencies refer to electronic money forms whose transitions are encrypted. Using blockchains to store data, they effectively link together and act as leaders that users can use to keep track of data. Its price can be affected in different ways, which is why it often fluctuates in price. Although cryptocurrencies carry a degree of anonymity, some are still required by law to reveal their user identities.

The future of the transaction

More and more banks are turning to digital currencies as a major form of electronic record keeping, and with the rise of a variety of virtual and crypto-currencies, it can be said that the future of transactions around the world will be electronically managed. Perhaps in a hundred years, the meaning of paper may be virtually a thing of the past.

Survival beyond FOMO – How to choose a winning ICO project for long term value

In a world driven by hype and FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out], It is becoming clear day by day that in a world of persistent crypto enthusiasts where sustainable sustainable projects are harder to find and better projects with long-term potential are more powerful to separate from money laundering, Litmus needs to be tested to pick a token to support ‘shitcoins’.

With recent events where most new cryptocurrencies have fallen below record, and new ICO projects are not living up to their hype after the crowdsell, frustrated ‘investors’ are now turning to social media to blame ICO promoters before buying tokens after posting their ICOs. They themselves are the ones who do not have the proper perseverance to pick a potential winner.

From my extensive observation, it appeared that most crypto buyers bought only coins during ICO based on the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) created by the masters of the hypes behind these currencies. Many people just bought the currency without understanding the post-ICO intentions or what to do with the tokens after the crodsell. When nothing happened after the ICO, as is the case with many ICOs now, they would jump on social media to shout bloody murders.

Recently, my team and I have just finished touring parts of Africa and the USA to promote the Nalicone ICO. We have organized and sponsored various conferences, held live AMA (ask me some) press meetings and held many meetings together with crypto whales, small investors and crypto millionaire vanabs of every color.

After all, one thing that surprised me the most was that most token holders had no clue about the underlying business or project behind the token sales they took.

Unfamiliar to my observations, it was an amazing fact that many could not tell you the value proposition of the project, its objectives or the company’s plan to disrupt the marketplace and occupy a bunch of buyers in their industry. They only bought ICOs because several telegrams or Facebook pages they saw were ‘buy’. Huddle and buy more ‘. Most simply acting on animal instincts rather than purposeful consideration.

Now, if most of the people I met weren’t just teenagers or educated people, I wouldn’t be so surprised by the level of ignorance of many of the crypto ‘investors’ I met. By contrast, most of the people I met were college graduates and people of some sort. Yet less than 10% of them can easily tell why they bought a coin in the hope that it will increase in value over time. Wherever I went, very few people in the crowd could tell me the names, experiences, and skills of the corporate managers of this money-selling company.

Most of them can only mention that the coins were recommended by the ‘respected’ influencer when the facts prove that most of them were given cold to make FOMO and otherwise revered for useless shitcoins.

In addition to the so-called bogus influencers, many crypto buyers knew that the leaders of this group were named Russian, Chinese, or Korean, although they knew absolutely nothing about them. It seemed like your successful ICO needed to list the names of people from Korea or China or Russia that no one could even verify through a simple Google search.

While I agree that there are many factors to consider in deciding whether a project’s token value will increase over time, I think the currency itself should be useful in crypto exchanges outside of what would be the acid test and the most immediate evaluation criteria.

Although most crypto token owners I see don’t know this, the reality is that if you bought a token from most ICOs, you didn’t really ‘invest’ in that company. You are not buying shares of the company and you are not buying any protection from the company.

And most of all, most of the time you were buying tokens during ICOs, what you were doing was ‘granting’ for a project that was in exchange for a utility token or currency that had no real value legally outside the business ecosystem controlled by the issuing agency.

Literally, without your expectation that the price of the token will make you ‘moon’ or make you a millionaire, there is nothing you can do with the token other than enjoying the utilities associated with the ICO, if any.

Since finally getting there no one could really predict how crypto would perform on a crypto exchange, and the most recent experience has shown that most token prices probably sink their noses in the first few weeks of an exchange (due to speculators stopping big sales). You will have some idea of ​​what other value or utility you can get from your token outside of the expected ‘muning’ of the exchange.

As the crypto revolution continues, adapting to various developments in size and market, the only way to ensure that your money is not being wasted is to make sure you can still use those tokens to get those valuable values ​​and benefits even if you are with an exchange. You can also sell it for profit.

When making this decision you must ask yourself this initial question: What is the value, product or service that the company generates that sells tokens can give me enough value for this cash to make this purchase worth my money?

In the world of token crushing on different exchanges, you will have more opportunities to gain real-life use with tokens outside the expected list of crypto exchanges, the better the token that is useless to you the more likely you are to get frustrated or stuck.

So, you must ask again and again: if this currency never trades as an exchange, can I still be happy that I supported the vision? If this token loses 70% of its value in exchange, can I still use it and get my money’s worth with it?

If you can’t answer this question positively after reviewing WhitePaper and investing in the company’s claims, you should think twice before buying that currency.

A recent case-study

Take a current ICO like Noliquin that tokens a blockchain capable movie distribution ecosystem. Coin promoters have created a variety of utility situations for coin buyers to ensure that their supporters and token holders will keep smiling, no matter what happens to coin buyers in the case of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Includes some of the great utilities associated with the Noliocoin token in the Nolification ecosystem

The ability to use naliken tokens to watch exclusive movies in cinemas and cinema houses

Their ability to use nociceptive tokens to access a trillion movies in their Netflix-on-steroids blockchain movie distribution.

Ability to use Nalikain tokens to purchase products and services in Nalimle, like the Amazon platform for entertainment-based products.

OL NOLLY Academy Platform and the ability to use Nolliken tokens to pay school fees on partner organizations

As you can see, out of the general expectation that tokens can be listed on a crypto exchange platform, you need to see the immediate and potential utility of the token and potential of the underlying project behind the hype of an ICO.

Bitcoin has gathered? Active trading for those who bet on Tether

The trend of institutional cash is to suspend all accounts, and bitcoin purchases are currently the only USDT token flow.

The days when powerful buyers maximized their charge cards to buy bitcoin may be over. Indeed, even Korean markets have cooled. As it is, the exchange of earnings – this time protected by Tether (USDT) resources. At first glance, the value levels of Bitcoin are impressive at $ 6,743.53 to al 6,743.53. On the other hand, Bitcoin has maintained its position, and its value strength has again expanded to 43.2% of the total market capitalization for all coins and tokens.

Whatever the case, its purpose may be token-filled liquidity. Printing UST has been merging with Bitcoin’s rapid move since mid-2014. As it may be now, every infusion of USDT in addition to all other imaginable ways leads to exciting purchases. Nowadays, incoming people are either looking for sidelines, or most have lost the expectation that crypto has more rapid additions. For committed brokers, however, using USDT is another good source of income.

Despite making more than .7 2.7 billion, not every one of them has found a way to the BTC exchange. Not too long ago, the USDT offer on BTC exchanges was close to and below 20%, with strong levels of Japanese Yen, US Dollar, Korean Won and a few different monetary currencies. As it is, right now, the photo has changed rapidly, a few days have passed.

According to Cryptocomper, more than 54% of all BTC exchanges have tether trades due to the huge offer of Btfinex Exchange. It seems that at present cryptocurrencies have reached a stage where all businesses are internal and costs can be transmitted in the light of the activities of crypto insiders in the following few years, and not institutional brokers from the universe of traditional funds.

Half a month ago, Tether moved to a bunch of wetcoins – and now it looks like the picks have been diverted to bitcoin. While no matter how you look at it it can be sure to cost, it additionally implies that paying for new Bitcoin buyers again for Fiat’s recovery is really troublesome and they can be hampered by USDT tokens – which, in principle, should be recovered for money , However the method is moderate and has a price penalty.

Meanwhile, the contract for the supply of the TrueSD (TUSD) crypto resource has dropped from 6 million to 61 million tokens, signing that the tokens have been converted into money. For TUSD, reverse trading should be easy – but it similarly refers to the outpouring of assets from the digital market.

Bitcoin rises against all odds

Since it’s popular right now, I want to announce that I’m launching my own cryptocurrency next week.

Let’s call it “Kingcoin”.

Nah, it’s very self-serving.

How about “Mutkain”? I’ve always found a soft spot for mixed breeds.

Yes, it’s perfect – everyone likes dogs.

This is going to be the biggest thing from fidget spinners.

Congratulations! Everyone reading this will get a Mutkain when my new coin launches next week.

I am going to distribute 1 million mutkaines equally. Feel free to spend these wherever you like (or wherever anyone will accept them!).

What’s that? The target cashier said they would not accept our Mutcoin?

Tell these skeptics that Mitcoin has a deficit value – there will only be 1 million Mutcoin. On top of that, it is backed by the full trust and credit of 8GB of RAM on my desktop computer.

Also, remind them that a decade ago, a bitcoin couldn’t even buy you a pack of chewing gum. Now one can buy a bitcoin lifetime supply.

And, like Bitcoin, you can securely secure Mitcoin offline from hackers and thieves.

This is basically an accurate replica of the features of Bitcoin. Mutcoin has a decentralized sector with impossible-to-crack cryptography and all transactions are unchanging.

Still not sure if our mutcin will be billions upon billions in the future?

Okay, that’s understandable. The point is, launching a new cryptocurrency is much harder than it seems, if not impossible.

That’s why I believe Bitcoin has reached this height against all odds. And because of its unique user network it will continue to do so.

Of course, there is stagnation. But each of these pushes eventually results in higher prices. Recent% 0% immersion will not be different.

Bitcoin miracle

The success of Bitcoin depends on the ability to create a global network of users who are now willing to transact with it or save it later. Future prices will be determined by the speed of the network.

Even as wildlife prices change, bitcoin acceptance continues to grow at a significant rate. Chasing 21 million bitcoins, there are now 23 million wallets open worldwide. In a few years, the number of wallets could increase to connect 5 billion people on the planet to the Internet.

Sometimes the inspiration for new crypto converters was speculative; Other times they were looking for value savings away from their own domestic currency. Over the past year, new apps like Coinbase have made it easier for new users to run on top.

If you haven’t noticed, when people buy Bitcoin, they talk about it. We all have friends who bought Bitcoin and then don’t turn it off. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Perhaps subconsciously, holders become crypto-gospel preachers as it is in their own interest to increase the value of their holdings meant to be bought by others.

The good news about Bitcoin – the spread of good news – is that miraculously ously 0.001 to 10,000 10,000 has recently led the price to climb.

Who would have thought that its pseudonym maker, frustrated by the global banking oligopoly, has launched an indomitable digital resource that has competed with the world’s largest currency in less than a decade?

No religion, political movement or technology has witnessed this growth rate. Then again humanity was never connected.

The idea of ​​money

Bitcoin started out as an idea. Clearly, all money – be it shell money, gold bars or US dollars used by primitive islanders – began as an idea. It is an idea that a network of users is equally valued for it and is willing to part with some of the same value for your money form.

There is no underlying value of money; Its value is perfectly external – others just think it’s worth it.

Take a look at the dollar in your pocket – it’s just an eye pyramid, a small portrait and a fancy piece of paper signed by an important person.

To be useful, society must see it as a unit of account, and merchants must be willing to accept it as money for goods and services.

Bitcoin has demonstrated an unusual ability to reach and connect to the networks of millions of users.

A bitcoin is just as valuable as the next person willing to do it. But if the network continues to expand at a significant rate, the limited supply argues that prices can only move in one direction … higher.

Bottom line

The nine-year uptick in Bitcoin has been marked by the final sign of instability. There was an 85% correction in January 2015 and more than 60% in 2011 with a huge 93% contribution.

However, with each of these modifications, the network (measured by the number of wallets) continues to expand rapidly. As some practitioners see their value declining, new investors on the margins become buyers.

Unusual levels of instability meant that the Bitcoin network helped grow to 23 million users.

Hey, maybe we just need price volatility to attract new users …

Crypto Trend – Second Edition

In the first edition of CRYPTO TREND we introduced Crypto Currency (CC) and answered a number of questions about this new market place. There is a lot of news in this market every day. Here are some highlights that give us a glimpse of how new and exciting this market place is:

The world’s largest futures exchange to create futures contracts for bitcoin

Terry Duffy, president of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), said, “I think you’ll see us in the second week of December. [bitcoin futures] Deal out for list. Today you can’t make short bitcoins, so there’s only one way it can go. You either buy it or sell it to someone else. So you create a two-way market, I think it’s always more effective.

CME wants to bring Bitcoin futures to market by the end of the year, with regular reviews pending. If successful, it will provide investors with an effective way to go “long” or “short” in Bitcoin. Some sellers of exchange-traded funds have also filed for those Bitcoin futures on Bitcoin ETFs.

These developments allow people to invest in the cryptocurrency space without CC solely owning them or using the services of the CC Exchange to make digital assets more efficient by allowing potential Bitcoin futures users and intermediaries to hedge their foreign exchange risk. It wants to accept bitcoin payments but is wary of its volatile value which could increase the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by merchants. Institutional investors are also used in regulated futures trading, which is not plagued by money laundering concerns.

The move by CME also implies that the neglect of Bitcoin has become too big, as the exchange has denied crypto futures in the recent past. Bitcoin is only talking about brokerage and trading firms, which have suffered in a growing but unusually peaceful market. If the futures of an exchange are closed, it is almost impossible for another exchange like CME to capture it, as scale and liquidity are important in the derivatives market.

In an interview with CNBC, Duffy said, “You can’t ignore the fact that it’s becoming a story that won’t go any further.” There are “mainstream companies” that want access to Bitcoin and there is “huge paint-up demand” from clients, he said. Duffy also thinks that institutional traders can make Bitcoin less volatile.

Japanese villages to use cryptocurrencies to raise capital for municipal revival

The village municipality of Nishiyakura in Japan is researching the idea of ​​having an initial currency proposal (ICO) to raise capital for revival. This is a very fancy method, and they can seek help from the national government or seek private investment. Several ICOs have serious problems and many investors are skeptical that any new tokens will be worth it, especially if the ICO proves to be another joke or scam. Bitcoin was certainly no joke.

Primary Currency Supply – (ICO)

We didn’t mention ICO in the first version of Crypto Trend, so let’s mention it now. Unlike the initial public offering (IPO), where an organization has an actual product or service for sale and you want to buy shares in that company, the ICO can hold anyone who wants to create a new blockchain project by creating a new token in their chain. ICOs are uncontrollable and several are fairly shams. A legitimate ICO can raise a lot of cash for new blockchain projects and network funding. It is very common for ICOs to generate a high token price near the beginning and then soon sink into reality. Because if you know the technology and get some money, it is relatively easy to have an ICO, there are many and today we have about 800 tokens in the game. All of these tokens have a name, they are all cryptocurrencies, and they are dubbed Alt-coins except for very well known tokens like Bitcoin, Etherium and Litcoin. At the moment crypto trends do not recommend participating in any ICO, as the risks are extremely high.

As we said in Issue 1, this market is now “Wild West”, and we advise caution. Some investors and early adopters have made big gains in this market place; However, there are many people who have lost a lot or lost everything. Governments are considering regulations, because they want to know about every transaction to tax all of this. They all have huge debts and are stuck for cash.

So far, many government and conventional banks have avoided financial problems and issues in the cryptocurrency market, and blockchain technology has the potential to solve many more problems.

A great feature of Bitcoin is that the promoters chose a limited number of currencies that could ever be generated – 21 million – thus ensuring that these cryptocurrencies would never swell. Governments print as much money (fiat currency) as they can and spread their currency towards death.

Future articles will remove specific suggestions, but make no mistake, initially investing in this sector will only be for your maximum estimated capital, the money you can lose.

CRYPTO TREND will be your guide if you are ever ready to invest in this market.

Stay tuned!

Is it possible to invest in bitcoin?

Chances are you read this article after the latest frenzy of the Bitcoin value jump which saw it as more embarrassing than the 20,000 20,000 mark. Now you are looking for reasons to invest in this cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Here are some of your reasons:

More to come

The first thing that comes to the minds of many, when they hear about the current price, is that they are too late and those who still buy Bitcoin are just jumping on the bandwagon. In a real sense, mining has been around for a few years now and the currency is still in its infancy (like more teenage years), its value continues to rise and it is a strong investment.

Automated technology

Blockchain is not just about cryptocurrency. This is the future of supply chain and fighting fraud. Super smart protocols such as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Agency) and smart contracts are some of the things that start from blockchain that automate the work and money transactions of an organization.


Every day people are robbed and bank histories are made. Bitcoin and blockchain ensure that the money stored in your digital wallet is at a level of security that is much more secure than the virtual number of your cash at your local bank.

Save money

Have you ever had a bad experience where you had to send some money to the other side of the world and how many charges for currency conversion, opening letter of credit, banking charges etc have caused you to cry? Bitcoin removes everything. Since there is no banking system when it comes to cryptocurrency, there is no intermediary like a bank. You can avoid all these additional charges by sending money directly to the accused recipient.

Time is money

Did we mention that you can send money directly? This saves you time as you don’t have to fill out forms and applications. Just ask the recipient’s public address and click the required amount.

No information

Since Bitcoins are limited in number (only 21 million will ever be produced) the value of this cryptocurrency may not be worthless as a limited supply but rather the growing demand means it is a self-floating currency. No inflation translates to a great investment.

Your own

Remember the Greek financial crisis where the city council was asked to transfer excess cash to the central bank? With the help of common currency, the central bank is not you, the owner and you can force them to return it. Bitcoin is not owned by anyone, for the amount you own. No one can take it away from you.

It’s not too late to invest in Bitcoin and blockchain, but like other currencies, the future can’t be predicted. Study the charts of your preferred bitcoin exchange before committing to any investment.

What is the ripple and why has its value increased so quickly?

With a 35,000% increase in value in 2013 and a market cap of more than ৮ 117 billion, Ripple has become a hot topic among analysts and investors. However, what is a ripple? Is it like other cryptocurrencies? Why is it on fire lately? Keep reading to get the answer to this question.

1. What is a ripple?

Ripple is a paid solutions company, founded by Chris Larsen and Jade McCallub. Their Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) includes cryptocurrency XRP. Ripple claims to provide fast, reliable and affordable transaction solutions for financial institutions. The company has generated one hundred billion XRP and currently holds 611% of the currency. The current plan is to issue one billion coins per month

2. The difference between Ripple and Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Ripple are both cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two: unlike Bitcoin, the ripple cannot be mined. The currency is not set up as a mineral currency and its uses are fixed on the Ripple Network.

Both Bitcoin and Ripple use validation nodes to validate leaders. Bitcoin has about 10,000 trusted nodes, but Ripple has only five. But the company plans to add 11 more in the next 18 months. The five validation nodes are controlled by ripple. XRP has received criticism for the absence of individually credible legitimacy. The XRP laser is available to everyone, so anyone can download and validate it. Many companies run their own nodes in the Ripple network.

3. Reasons for the recent price increase of Ripple

The recent rise in the XRP has a lot to do with the expected use of currency by financial institutions and confidence-hype-investor investments. Ripple has succeeded in acquiring the bank as a customer of its other products. Ripple is preferred by exclusive financial firms because it provides real-time communication and quick correction, resulting in a reduction in bank transaction delays. The company plans to launch a new product, XRPID, which includes XRP. They see the new product as an opportunity for banks to use XRP. Investors see the potential of money as a financial vehicle used by banks around the world.

Ripple, or more precisely, XRP is a growing cryptocurrency. It differs from the leading digital currency Bitcoin because its supply is regulated by the founding company. Ripple is banking on banks accepting it in the future. One might assume that the recent rise in the value of Ripple will encourage further debate about its effectiveness as a cryptocurrency asset.

Emphasis on ICO Token Evaluation and Blockchain Technology Experts and ICO Advisors

The statistics can no longer be ignored. Most IOS tanks, and stay in the tank, once the tokens appear on the crypto exchanges, fierce in the presence of a huge crowd and after the ‘FOMO’ ends.

Most observers who have watched the ICO event publicly agree that the trend over the past few months is going to lose post-congestion value for ICOs, with many buyers waiting in vain for the ‘moon’ promise, once the cryptocurrency hits an exchange portal.

But the main reason why this is not being discussed is because we are witnessing this phenomenon and most of us rely on rating agencies to pick the one that is most valuable in an ICO, of course making mistakes in picking including the crowd. There is a good chance that the value will increase after completion.

While there may be many legitimately profitable reasons for this phenomenon, there is a reality that I think is probably more responsible for this than other controversial factors: ICO token evaluation and the ‘blockchain expert’, the wrong emphasis on “ICO consultants” Given ‘or’ Technical Whiskids’ for Ark 20 tokens.

I have always thought that the requirements of blockchain technology experts or ICO technical consultants are exaggerated, even if a project is judged by those criteria, unless the project actually tries to create a new currency concept. For most ERC20 tokens and copyrighted currencies, the real important consideration should be the business plan behind the tokens and the predecessor and executive profile managed by the team leaders.

As anyone involved in the industry needs to know, creating an ERC20 token from Etherium, or creating similar tokens from other cryptocurrencies, does not require great technical skills or requires an overrated blockchain advisor (literally, with new software, an ERC20 Tokens can be made in less than 10 minutes by a complete techno novice.

So technically shouldn’t be a big deal for tokens anymore). The key should be a business plan; Level of business experience; Fundraising on the skills of project leaders and the business marketing strategies of the parent company.

Honestly, as an attorney and business consultant for more than 30 years to several organizations around the world, I don’t understand why people are looking for a Russian or Korean or Chinese ‘crypto whistle’ or ‘crypto adviser’ to determine the strength of an ICO. Basically a crowdfunding campaign to end a business …

I am of the firm opinion that one of the main reasons why most ICOs do not cut their prelaunch hype. In an age where token-making software, platforms, and freelancers abound, focusing on blockchain experience often puts the technical skills of focus or promoters in the wrong place. It’s like trying to build a good website or app based on the skills of its employees to value the potential success of an organization. That train left the station long ago with the spread of technological hands on freelancing sites like Guru; Upwork, freelancer and even fiber

People were too caught up in the technical merits of conventional IPOs and especially ERC20 Ethereum-based token promoters and then wondered why no technically superior Russian, Chinese or Korean boy could provide this end-of-business after raising funds.

Even many of our ICO rating agencies thought that in the crypto experience of a team member, they have a number of crypto advisors and experience of ICO success in a team that is built with funds raised without focusing on the underlying business model.

Once one realizes that more than 90% of cryptocurrencies and ICOs are created to raise crowdfunding funds for an idea, and not just a token for a token, people’s emphasis will shift from a technical angle to a more relevant task of evaluation, the business idea itself and Corporate business plan.

As we move into this age of valuation before deciding whether to buy or invest in cryptocurrency, we will begin to evaluate future prospects or the value of our tokens based on slow business considerations:

– Suite analysis of the organization and its promoters

– Managing skills and experience of team leaders

– Strength of business concept outside of creating a token

– The company’s marketing plan and strategy to sell these ideas

– Ability to market underlying products

– Customer base for creating services by companies and products

– and the basis for the project taking place in the market place

What most people fail to realize is that the likelihood of their tokens growing at the ICO does not depend on anything technical but on the good things that happen to the company to raise funds and as the company’s valuation increases it rolls its business plan and supplies its business products. By

Of course, cryptocurrency is not buying stocks, and it is not buying securities in any company. We’ve got it, but tokens react in the same way that stocks respond to good news or bad news about an organization. The only difference is that in the case of cryptos, the effect is multiplied 100 times.

So, when a company achieves a financial or business milestone, the price of its tokens on the exchange will go up … and when something good is not happening it goes down quickly. So, what the company will do after ICO and how it will do it should be given utmost importance for the fact that its tokens do not want to see the value of Plummet and stay down forever.

Sure, tokens after ICO tokens will sink into most tokens after any crypto exchange, because those who want to make an immediate profit, but whether it will ever return to give you the expected multiple digits will always depend on the criteria I have already described above. After you buy a token, the value of ‘Crypto Advisor’ and ‘Technical Whiskids’ goes to zero with the possibility of your token going to the moon.

Following this reality, I think a smart crypto buyer or investor should focus less on how many crypto advisors he has hired or how technically supportive the team is (unless the company’s underlining business is natural) and more focused on managing, funding through ICO Marketing and potential customer base of the collecting company.

In other words, allocate more points to the business and management of the ICO than to the technical jargon that won’t help your token in the market when raising money!

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency – Understanding the basics

More than a decade has passed since cryptocurrency began to fascinate people through social media and especially the internet. Bitcoin has managed to rank among the top cryptocurrencies today, in the mid-200s a Japanese pseudo name “Satoshi Nakamoto” related to it no one knows the exact source of the currency.

So, what exactly is this bitcoin currency and why has it been able to maintain its place in the financial markets. Well, the reasons listed below can give you an idea of ​​its popularity and a proof of its uninterrupted secure future.

  • Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency.

  • Bitcoin is a distinct floating floating currency that is not owned by any government or it is not related to any other currency that can be influenced by economic indicators that control the value of traditional currencies.

  • With its growing popularity among the masses, it is now enjoying an increasing level of acceptance at all levels, for example, you can now buy stuff directly with Bitcoin cryptocurrency and trade it on various platforms such as CoinBase, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken and many more.

  • All you need is a wallet and an internet connection to peer to bitcoin transfer.

  • In most cases transfers are instantaneous.

  • The convenience of making transactions with a few clicks on the Internet or on your mobile phone.

  • Your privacy is more secure than other methods of providing information on the Internet where your important information can be leaked and misused.

  • You will have to pay additional fees depending on the amount of your transaction when transferring money through conventional methods, these transfers are subject to your specific regional and state regulations. You do not need to be bound by any state rules when transacting in Bitcoin cryptocurrency and moreover, you are not charged a hefty fee for the transaction.

  • Since you only have access to your electronic wallet, your coins are always safe with you and no one can steal your money. Due to shared public ledger, processes and transactions are transparent and anyone using the Internet can verify any transaction from anywhere in the world at any time.

  • Another advantage of having a Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet is that your account cannot be frozen.

Considering the growing popularity and acceptance of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, we can safely assume that the future of Bitcoin is not only quite bright and the fancy payment method is here.

If you think you missed the Internet profit revolution, try cryptocurrency

When most people think of cryptocurrency they may think of cryptocurrency as well. Very few people seem to know what it is and for some reason everyone seems to be talking about it. Hopefully this report will eliminate all aspects of cryptocurrency so that you get a nice idea of ​​what it is and what it is about as soon as you finish reading.

You can see that cryptocurrency is for you or you may not get it but at least you will be able to speak with some specificity and knowledge that is not in the hands of others.

There are many people who have already reached the position of millionaire by trading in cryptocurrency. Obviously there is a lot of money in this brand new industry.

Cryptocurrency is electronic currency, short and simple. However, what is not so small and simple is how it comes to value.

Cryptocurrency is a digitized, virtual, decentralized currency produced by the application of cryptography, which according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is “computerized encoding and decoding of information”. Cryptography is a foundation that enables debit cards, computer banking and ecommerce systems.

Cryptocurrency is not supported by banks; It is not supported by any government, but by a very complex system of algorithms by cryptocurrency is electricity that is encoded in complex strings of algorithms. The value that nds n gives is their complexity to hackers and their security. The way cryptocurrencies are made is very easy to reproduce.

Cryptocurrency Fiat Money which is the direct opposite. Fiat money is a currency that receives its value from official judgments or laws. The dollar, yen and euro are all examples. Fiat Money is any currency defined as a legal tender.

Unlike fiat money, another part of what makes cryptocurrency valuable is that like commodities like silver and gold, it has limited amounts. Only 21,000,000 of these highly complex algorithms were produced. Not more, not less. It cannot be changed by printing more, as no government prints more money to pump the system without back-up. Or switching to a digital sector through a bank, the Federal Reserve instructs some banks to adjust for inflation.

Cryptocurrency is a means of buying, selling and investing that avoids both government oversight and the banking system to monitor the movement of your money. In a volatile global economy this system can become a stable force.

Cryptocurrency also gives you a great deal anonymously. Unfortunately it can misuse cryptocurrencies by criminal elements just as it can misuse regular money. But it can also keep the government from monitoring your every purchase and invading your personal privacy.

Cryptocurrencies come in several forms. Bitcoin was the first and is the standard from which all other cryptocurrencies pattern themselves. All are produced by fine alpha-numerical calculations from complex coding tools. Some other cryptocurrencies are Litcoin, Namecoin, Perercoin, Dezecoin and Worldcoin, to name a few. These are called welcoins as a common name. The price of each is controlled by the supply of certain cryptocurrencies and the demand for the currency in the market.

The way cryptocurrency has been brought into existence is quite interesting. Unlike gold that has to be mined from the ground, cryptocurrency is just an entry in the virtual register that is stored on various computers around the world. These entries need to be ‘excavated’ using mathematical algorithms. Individual users, or perhaps, a group of users, perform computational analysis to search for a specific series of data called blocks. ‘Miners’ looks for data that produces accurate patterns of cryptographic algorithms. At the moment, it has been applied to the series and they have got a block. After matching the block’s equivalent data series with the algorithm, the block’s data block is encrypted. Minor receives a certain amount of cryptocurrency rewards. Over time, the amount of rewards decreases as cryptocurrency becomes scarce. With this addition, the complexity of the algorithm in the search for new blocks has also increased. Computationally, a matching series becomes harder to find. These two scenarios come together to create cryptocurrencies to slow down. It mimics the difficulties and shortages of mining products like gold.

Now anyone can be a minor. The inventors of Bitcoin have made the mining tool open source, so it is free to anyone. However, the computers they use are operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The algorithms are extremely complex and the CPU is completely tilted. Many users have created specialized computers specifically for mining cryptocurrencies. Both user and specialized computers are called mineralogists.

Miners also keep track of (humanitarian) transactions and act as auditors so that no currency is counterfeited in any way. This protects the system from being hacked and run amok. Each week they receive new cryptocurrencies and are paid for the work that they continue to do. They keep their cryptocurrencies in specialized files on their computers or other personal devices. These files are called wallets.

Let’s revise some of the definitions we’ve learned:

Cryptocurrency: electronic currency; It is also called digital currency.

Fiat Money: any legal tender; Supported by the government, used in the banking system

Itc Bitcoin: The origin of cryptocurrencies and the value of gold.

Altcoin: Other cryptocurrencies that are designed from the same processes as Bitcoin, but have some differences in their coding.

• Miners: A person or a group of individuals who use their own resources (computers, electricity, space) to mine digital coins.

o Also a specialized computer specially made for finding new currencies through the computing series of algorithms.

Wallet: A small file on your computer where you store your digital money.

To summarize the cryptocurrency system:

Electronic meaning.

Individuals are mined by people who use their own resources to find coins.

Currency is a stable, currency-restricted system. For example, only 21,000,000 bitcoins are produced for all time.

Work It does not require any government or bank to work.

Found value is determined by the amount of coins found and used which meet the demand of the people for their possession.

Cry cryptocurrency has several variants, with Bitcoin first and foremost.

Great can bring a lot of wealth, but there are also risks like any investment.

Most people find the concept of cryptocurrency interesting. This is a new field that could be the next gold mine for many of them. If you find that cryptocurrency is something you want to learn more about, you have found the right report. However, I have just touched the surface in this report. There’s a lot more to cryptocurrency than anything I’ve done here.